View Full Version : Old Adventurer's Wish List

10-14-2009, 06:50 PM
Hi All,

First let me say I'm long time gamer, D&D is my game, and I'm new to DDO. Let me add that it rocks, and is better IMO than NWN 2, World of Whatever, and anything else I ever played. Turbine has done a great job making the game real-time, good looking enough my girlfried takes photos, and the financial model of letting people play free and pay for frills is brilliant. And, yes, I like the noobs like myself running around like dorks in Korthos - it's great because everyone has to start somewhere.

I thought maybe my first impressions as an old D&D fan from the days before the Red Box might be interesting to the Developers.

- The first thing is miss is cloaks, cowls, capes, masks, and other flowly concealing wardrobe. In this category, one might also put the black/red/white alignment robes of Wizards, Holy Symbols that can be displayed (or not) by Clerics, and other regalia. Maybe the ability to put your coat of arms on your shield if it fell with certain guidelines - such as monotone, and within a certain resolution. Dunno. Just stuff like that - especially cloaks.

- The second thing is - Where are the Druids? 'Nuff said.

- Thirdly - Horses. 'Nuff said, though on might infer horses would also carry Cavaliers.

- Thieves' Climb Walls ability. You've already got it where we can run around all over the place. Why can't Thieves' climb walls like on the Spiderman video games? Grappling hooks would work much the same way. At the very least you could have grappling hooks that enabled them to reach rooftops like on Tenchu. (And stealth attacks like on there, too.)

- Lastly - Flight. Along with which would go gryphons and the other flying steeds.

** I LIKE the Warforged. They're balanced, believable in a fantasty way, and they don't upset balance. I've always thought the Drow, Planetouched, Tieflings and so on are LAME, because they upset the balance.

** I also like the financial model in which everyone can play, everywhere, all together, but you pay for frills. I checked out this game because it was free. Now, I've spent $50, and am looking at just signing up for VIP - and I have ZERO regrets. It's money well-spent. Ironic that the games one pays for initially are often disappointing.

Thanks for making a great game that's very TRUE to D&D! I'm having a blast over here!