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12-21-2009, 09:22 AM
Recruitment time has come again for the TrapMonkey Guild. We are seeking skilled Rogues to join our ranks and our cause, to make Stormreach trap free.

The guild website is a working progress. We plan to have a comprehensive guide for all TrapMonkey Guild members outlining many of the common, as well as random traps in some of the dangerous areas around Stormreach.

We are not a guild without challenges. The biggest one thus far, has been to educate independent rogues of the value in joining such a guild. Rogues by nature are untrusting of each other, but we are working diligently to change this.

So that anyone interested in joining the TrapMonkey Guild knows what they are getting into, I have taken the liberty of listing the 10 TrapMonkey Guild Bylaws below.

Join today: http://guildportal.com/ContentControls/Support/NewUser.aspx?GuildID=333116 (http://guildportal.com/ContentControls/Support/NewUser.aspx?GuildID=333116)


1. I will hone my skills to find and disable traps, because if I don’t… my companions may die.
2. I will constantly seek out ways to improve my skills, because if I don’t… my companions may die.
3. I will strive to be better than others in my trade, because if I don’t… my companions may die.
4. I will never take more than my fair share of the loot, and I will never charge unreasonable fees for my services.
5. I will afford proper respect to party leaders, and do my best to help guide them and the party they lead, through the perils that await them.
6. Under no circumstances, will I every knowingly guide a party into an unsafe area without first advising them of the dangers.
7. I will not commit to an engagement, if I have no intention of seeing the party completely through the adventure safely.
8. I will defend a fellow TrapMonkey Guild member with my life, if necessary, and I will expect the same in return
9. I will always act in a professional manner, and afford all party members proper respect and courtesy
10. I swear to uphold the honor and dignity of my guild, and swear an undying loyalty to the cause of the TrapMonkey Guild, and will uphold and enforce the bylaws, no matter what.

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