View Full Version : Here is my 2 Cents

10-14-2009, 01:35 PM
The Idea is a good one but for people like me I have rolled all my toons over so much until this to me is a slap in the face because I want to have a 36 or 38 build but not at the cost of having to start my toon all the way back over just to get it.... If you are going to do this instead of knocking us down to lv 1 and work our way back up to lv 20 again then you either need to give us more exp or let it be were we just have to pick your 32pt or 36pt build etc...then start picking stats,feats and enhancements over again up to lv 20 with out having to lv from 1 again in other words this is what I mean just in case I lose some peps here....Talk to who ever is going to be doing all the changing you need like we will start from stats as if you were rebuilding your toon again then feats then enhancements etc all the way back up to lv 20 with out having to run an quest you just do it all at one time...

To knock me all the way back down to lv 1 again then kill the exp then on top of that we have to do it again just to get the next tier what ever that is....for example 28pt/ 32pt/ 36pt etc.....now that is not acceptable at all devs don't you think us vets have rerolled enough we have rerolled all most ever time you put a new mod because some how some way you have crippled the toons we were working so np we rerolled I know for a fact I have rerolled over 200 to 300 toons may be more so pls keep us vets in mind before you put this out in the real game please,,,