View Full Version : Tomes and skill points, reanimation

10-14-2009, 12:39 PM
Could not find a definitive answer...so I'll ask it, forgive if already answered by the devs.

Specifically....intelligence tomes.

Taking a tome at level 1, I increase my intelligence from 13 to 14. And a +2 tome lets say at 7th level...or even at first...

That extra point in intelligence can mean a lot of skill points over 20 levels.
I read that no tomes are allowed during the reincarnation process.

Why not?

This can also affect certain feats that require higher dex or str too.

I understand if we would have to re read them....but to not have access to them at all kinda makes it a bummer for something so cool..

10-14-2009, 12:44 PM
For lesser and greater you get back the tomes automatically as you level. So if you are L18 when you want to greater, go ahead and eat that +3 before you GR. At L3 you will automatically get a +1, at L5 a +2, and at L7 a +3. It's actually a better deal for most chars than they would have had previously (ya, except for you rich folks that started with all +2s at L1 :p)