View Full Version : Hey. some help would be nice ;P

10-13-2009, 11:58 AM
hi, i am originally a PnP player (pen and paper) but i dont really know TOO much aboot DnD, like i know a lot but not a ton (couldnt find a person to DM a campeign past lvl 3...)
1st of all, i have a monk/rog, that i will remake when i get Drow unlocked, and go pure monk, but right now i using him to get moneys and Favour Points to unlock drow, i'm at 220 i think, and i have a pure favoured soul, elf, that dual-weilds scimitars,
now, wat spells/feats should i stick to with my favoured soul, and where should i go/do to get it lvled up faster (lvl 3 right now) and how/where can i get better gear (using +1 elven chainmail, which is good, but my weaps are +2 scim/+2 cold iron scim)
and where/what quest can i do to get get money fast on my monk (lvl 5, 4mnk/1rog)

tomarrow, i gunna get exp/loot boost 6 hours for my FVS(favoured soul) what quests should i do with these to get best results?

monk= 4mnk/1rog Sentac Bar
FVS= 3FVS Trolouce Bar

i have +1 True chaotic scimitar of maiming
X2 crit

+1 enhance

Chaotic dmg (1d6 to all enimies not chaotic i believe)

maiming extra dmg on crits (1d6-X2, 2d6-X3, 3d6-X4)

i bought this on my human monk so i didnt notice the race having to be human and got ****ed off when i bought it and gave it to my FVS and noticed i cant use, and i am not flipping remaking just to use it, send offer, or post offer for it if you want it (if you post offer, make sure cannith server, and giv me character name!)