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10-12-2009, 04:09 PM
If you are looking for a static guild, are in the level 15-16 range, and are available Monday Nights from 8-11pm EST, then do we have a job for you:

The INfamous MNGN Team of the Dedicated Teams Guild is currently seeking two new members.

The Dedicated Teams Guild is an Umbrella Guild for each dedicated team, and the name describes the basic tenet: the character that joins the guild/team is dedicated to that team. Any other specific rules are left to each team.

The MNGN Team rules are few:

1/ We are a light RP group. Light RP at the most basic for us is: no metagaming.
Act as your character would, not as you would. Don't bring your knowledge
from previous experience to this characters decision making in a quest.

2/ The characters we use here are dedicated to this group.
(Off schedule play is allowed for catch-up purposes.)

3/ No twinking. AH/broker purchases are fine, so long as the Plat is your own.

4/ No rushing. We don't need to dawdle unnecessarily, and can move quick when
it is appropriate, but generally we explore and do not zerg.

We gather Monday nights from 8-11pm EST.
RP and backstories are encouraged. We play as a team, share the loot, and have fun. No drama.

We seek like-minded, mature (in action, not necessarily age) individuals to join us.
We are currently in the Level 15-16 range. The current party is listed below, but we will not choose your class for you. Play what you like!
(Although we now find ourselves in need of a caster.)

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Current Team Makeup: (( Please PM me with corrections guys ))
Reapent Calvin'efiver, Cleric/Ranger 14/1, Protector and pieces picker-upper
Tough guys:
Moranda Stonehammer, Barbarian/Rogue 9/5, The fiercest of warriors, but do not underestimate her finesse, or she will cut you down from behind, before you even hear her coming!
Ramaul, Fighter 14, newest addition and aggro magnet
Jack of all trades:
Kagul, Barb/Ranger/Rogue 1/8/5, The ultimate survivor, he continues to outwit and outlast every adversary.
We meet just before 8pm, Monday. See Reapent for an invite. Don't let level stop you, we can redo lower level quests to bring you up if need be, or you can stop in for a chat, and bring your character up to speed in between Mondays.