View Full Version : Suggestion: True Reincarnation, Favor, and Tomes

10-12-2009, 01:42 PM
First of all let me say that I think True Reincarnation is a GREAT idea, solving many many of the issues and complaints we've seen from both casual and power gamers alike. However, in its current form I can see one relatively minor issue that bothers me about it, and that is that the drawbacks to using the reincarnation are more severe for those who have invested more time in their character than those who haven't put forth as much effort. Given the similar debacle that happened with 28 pt and 32 pt builds I'd very much like to not see a repeat of that where long term characters are denied new bonuses because they don't want to sacrifice ALL of their old work.

Many players with characters that have been around for a long time might find themselves too discouraged from using the true reincarnation because they have spent too much time grinding themselves all the way to 3085 favor or gathering 6 +3 tomes or some combination of the two. However a character who was only recently leveled from 1-20 and hasn't spent that much time on favor or tomes can reincarnate with little sacrifice other than the need to relevel.

Now obviously allowing a player to keep all of their tomes and favor upon reincarnation is unbalanced because then a person could just reincarnate at any point with very little to sacrifice. So I have come up with a relatively simple solution that I believe won't compromise the integrity of the reincarnation system.

Seeing as there is very little reward for grinding favor past 1750 right now I propose that we reward players who ground out large amounts of favor in hopes of new rewards in the future, but now want to reincarnate, by allowing them to choose a couple of stats on which they have applied insight bonuses on, that upon reincarnation will be reverted to the corresponding tome (with new appropriate min level).

I was thinking somewhere along the lines of 2000 favor allows you to choose 1 stat, 2500 favor allows you to choose 2 stats, and 3000 favor would allow you to choose 3 stats. With something along these lines there would still be considerable sacrifice for reincarnation but doesn't seem to punish long term character as severley.

Anyway thats just my 2 cents, any thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated.