View Full Version : Time limited items and No VIP store points.

10-11-2009, 10:48 AM
We are all aware that VIP's are not getting their 500 turbine points. Unless the two week backlogged customer service grants it to them via a ticket. As such I think its safe to assume that many people have not received their turbine points.

Now the DDO store is giving away +2 stat tomes only for one weekend.
I know most veteran players can get +2 stat tomes from the Auction House or just finding them. However for a new player they are still very difficult and expensive to get.

Now when you combine not giving people points and the time limited items. You end up with people unable to buy something, that they want to buy, that they should be able to buy, but can not due to an error beyond their control.

I am well aware that giving us our points right now, this weekend, is most likely not possible.

So I strongly suggest the following compromise. When the turbine points finally get distributed correctly, please make every time limited item available and discount, available to those of us who did not receive are points for some small period of time. So those of us who wanted to buy something and could not, finally can.

I am sure the DDO store will have the limited items and discounts available at some other holiday and long weekends. I still suggest limited items and discounts if for no other reason then make amends for the unfortunate error.