View Full Version : Reincarnation and Skills

10-10-2009, 07:58 PM
Many of the Past Lives Feats give a character a bonus to various skills.

What bonus are these skill increases, will they stack with other sources of the same skill and will they stack with each other?

For example, a Human (mostly) Barbarian TR's as a (mostly) Rogue, then as a (mostly) Fighter. In the end, he gets +2 to intimidate from being a Barby first, then +1 to all skills from being a rogue. Then he gets +2 Intimidate from Least Dragonmark, another +1 from the Deneith Intimidate Enhancement, +4 from Fighter Enhancements, +15 from a hat/ring, +2 from BullHeaded, +3 from Skill Focus and however many from Charisma. He can also pick up some from Greater Heroism, Inspire Confidence, +2 from a Head of Good Fortune, +6 from a GreenSteel item and another +5 from Human Versatility.. That's a lot of places for the potential of non-stacking bonuses to apply..

Inquiring Minds Want to Know.