View Full Version : How about racial Past Life feats?

10-10-2009, 03:50 PM
Seems like this would be a good way to add some more options for rerolled characters.

Edit In the spirit of 4th Edition, which seems to be influencing the game's new mechanics, some ideas on such feats:

Human: +1 racial bonus to all saves, 1 additional skill point per level.

Warforged: 3/rest clicky granting 3+half level temp hit points, and if below 50% health, heals for the same amount.

Dwarf: You get a +10 bonus on saving throws and Balance checks to avoid knockdown, overrrun, and effects that push you (such as Sor'jek's weather control).

Halfling: 3/rest clicky that forces all successful attacks against you to be rerolled and use the lowest result for 6 seconds.

Drow: 3/rest clicky of Obscuring Mist or Glitterdust.

Elf: 3/rest clicky that grants rerolls on failed attack rolls for 6 seconds.