View Full Version : The Church of Tyrilath to host the 1st Annual Festival of Light

10-08-2009, 04:30 PM

See below for instructions to participate.

10-08-2009, 04:33 PM
Event Registration

If you or your guild would like to host an event, please go to tyrilath.guildportal.com and post on the appropriate thread by Copying and Pasting the schedule and then write in the event during the time slot you would like to have. (If the time slots are not posted- please know they will be in the next two days.) This post will be updated daily for the convenience of the hosts. Times have a 15min break to allow for event hosts to set up their events. Please list your event, your guild, your name and the location. Multiple events can occur at the same time at different locations (no more than two in one slot). If your event will not last a full hour, please make not as well.

If you wish to register to participate or assist in an event please post on the Thread named Participant Registration or Assistance on the guild forums (site listed above). You do not have to register to be able to participate or attend. This is only used to assist in organization and prizes.


12pm- Opening Ceremony-Parade- Docks in Harbor-The Church of Tyrilath
1pm- Scavenger Hunt -Library in Harbor-The Church of Tyrilath
4pm-Search and Seek-Atrium to House Deneith-The Church of Tyrilath
5pm- Food and Spirits and Storytelling- Phoenix-The Church of Tyrilath
7pm- Poetry and Song Contest- Ampatheater in House Phiarlan-The Church of Tyrilath
9pm- Talent Show-Ampatheater in House Phiarlan-The Church of Tyrilath

(( schedule to possibly change over the next few days to leave room for organization and everyone to participate))