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10-08-2009, 05:08 PM
Suggestions that wont get lost in a 5000000 page thread.

The gaps are a little too far apart between all the tiers.

1. A character that undergoes Lesser Reincarnation retains their race, gender, alignment, and the class they selected at level one. They are permitted to re-spend their ability points, change their feat selection, re-allocate skill points, spells, etc., or are free to select a path. Unlike True Reincarnation, characters will retain all favor and experience, but reincarnate with the same number of build points of the current incarnation and must train the exact level progression of the old character.

100% perfect, great if you just wanna change some minor stuff, or re-spec a bunch of feats.

2. Greater Reincarnation, this allows you to change the skills, feats, and abilities of your character without having to start the character over again. Unlike Lesser Reincarnation, Greater Reincarnation upgrades a non-drow 28 point character to a 32 point character.

Not enough. This should include the ability to change your level progression so if you just want to drop 1 level of something goofy you took you can. After all, all your changing is what you studied. Its not stated one way or another but this option needs stat point allocation if it doesn't have it.

3. A true reincarnation lets the player recreate a more powerful character and change anything about them (except for the name and gender), including their class and race. Tapping into memories of their former selves, true reincarnated characters will receive additional build points to spend in character generation as well as unique bonuses in the form of access to Past Life Feats. Each True generation will also be physically larger than previous generations (you're welcome Halflings!). True reincarnation allows players to relive their journey through Stormreach. Characters will keep no experience or favor upon creation, will start at level 1, and require more experience to progress through each level. True reincarnation grants 2 bonus build points for every true reincarnation, and are always base 32 point, even if the character was initially created as a 28 point. You loose your tomes.

Perfect as is... its the 100% awesome option for true powergamers. Although I would make the size change optional

Its just a better tiered approach and actually gives MORE options to more players.

10-08-2009, 05:12 PM
1. Agreed

2. I'm pretty sure it does include stat point allocations.... but ya, agreed.

3. Agreed as long as they make the size change optional /cry.

10-08-2009, 05:14 PM
2. I'm pretty sure it does include stat point allocations.... but ya, agreed.

Thought it might but it doesn't say 1 way or the other, If it doesn't it should.

10-08-2009, 05:24 PM
Since the Greater Reincarnation converts a character from 28 to 32 point builds, it looks like we'll be reallocating stats. It is left unstated if the level up choice of build points can be changed but I would expect it to be so.


10-08-2009, 05:27 PM
On that note changing the original post.

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I'd be happy if greater (or even lesser) also allowed an alignment shift. Perhaps lesser only allows 1 step shift (i.e.
neutral good to lawful good or true neutral) with greater allowing you to reselect alignment.