View Full Version : Revamping old raids for the new level cap

10-08-2009, 03:17 PM
I'm pleased to see this, and hope all the lower level raids get this treatment eventually; it's something that's been requested before :)

However, I'd also like to see the raids at their original levels get some attention. These are some of the most interesting and involved quests, storywise, for their respective levels, with whole zones designed around them, and it would be nice to have versions of those raids available to first-time players who want to run them at level, slowly, and learn them first-hand. This can be very hard to do with just a duo or trio, and filling an entire raid (especially one well below the level cap) with level-appropriate first-timers can be quite a challenge. If possible, maybe not right away, but when dev time permits, it would be nice to see a "sightseer" version of these quests; possibly doing away with the raid loot in exchange for scaling, store use, hireling use, and limiting group size to the standard 6.