View Full Version : Dear Haunted Library pug - Sorry about last night

10-07-2009, 03:02 PM
The original group was all killed except for 1 paladin. Everyone left except for the paladin and a sorc. The paladin managed to solo his way to a res shrine with me and the sorc. It took a long time for him to do this but they said to not release. Others joined up and we finished the quest. I didn't understand what we were waiting for, got impatient, and grabbed the last book to complete the quest. I thought we were waiting around for his death penalty to wear off, which I thought was stupid because you get full heath when you finish.

I guess those that joined late didn't get the full XP bonus for a 1st time finish. I stayed in the group and talked to Hirgir (a person who lost out on xp) about it. I didn't understand the issue fully until he explained it to me.

We end up questing after and I had a blast. I just wanted to say sorry to those other players (if any) and Bloodstained Solider guild members if I ruined your 1st time XP bonus.

A tip to all: Please don't tell people it's safe to jump down when it's not. I read it's safe to jump down in party chat, jumped, then was slaughtered by undead, then saw a j/k in party chat.