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10-07-2009, 10:39 AM
Hello all, I'm wanting to create a Fighter Mage and am wondering What a good build would be? I'm thinking perhaps a Sorc but Wizard would be more versatile although I'm not sure if I even need the versatility of the wizard. Any help in this area would be helpful.

10-07-2009, 11:16 AM
If you see your character as primarily fighter with a dash of caster, neither wizard nor sorcerer is a very good choice, honestly. Any 1st level arcane spells you might need are readily available on clickies, and the wizard's bonus feat isn't particularly attractive to a feat-rich class like fighter.

So let's assume you are going to be predominantly wiz/sorc. The classic build would retain the ability to cast 9th level spells, forcing you into an 18/2 build if you are a sorcerer but giving you the option of a 17/1/2 build if you are a wizard. The latter would generally feature 2 levels of monk or rogue (for evasion) accompanying a single level of fighter (or barbarian).

If you're willing to sacrifice high-level spells, you can opt for a sorc14/fighter4/monk2 build that would give you five bonus feats, a sorc12/paladin6/monk2 build that leverages your high CHA in interesting ways, or even a wizard12/ranger6/rogue2 build that would let you take the first tempest enhancement. But if you're willing to sacrifice high-level spells, you may be better off as a warchanter bard and might want to consider that option instead.

10-07-2009, 12:46 PM
Several ways to go with this.

How many caster lvls?
Do you want to cast offensive spells?

D&D rules make offensive spels casting with only a few caster lvls difficult.
DDO makes it very difficult, as monster's stats (especially HP) are so inflated.
The highest lvl content make offensive spells for pure caster difficult too.

For those reasons, my rgr10/Rog4/Wiz5 uses his wizard spells for buffs only.

It's a fun build and I have several low lvl Wiz5s and Wiz7s in the works.

The other end of the spectrum has wizards and sorcs with only a few lvls of Ftr or Pal.
Those are effectively battlecasters who have fairly powerful spells but usually buff up and melee. Most can still play like a normal caster and do ok in most content if they choose.

Any offensive spell casting needs a near max casting stat. (Int/Cha)
And if it's not maxed, you'll always wish it was.
But near max can get you by.