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10-06-2009, 09:27 PM
It may be faster and easier to ask my billing question here, rather than e-mail the customer support people.

I'm currently re-introducing myself to the DDO platform. It's been several years, so I have a lot of reaerch to do.

Before I start digging around, trying to grasp how the platform evolved from Stormreach, I have some questions.

1. Why didn't the confirmation e-mail for my one month subciption via credit card; detail the $USD charge on my credit card account?

2. Why does my (one-time fee for 30 days) Turbine account now list for DDO:

Subscription Plan
US $41.85 Every 3 Months (7% Savings)
Next Billing Date: January 6, 2010
Next Billing Plan*: US $14.99 Monthly
* Takes effect on your Next Billing Date

3. Where is the "opt-out" for re-occuring charges to my card? How do I even know I'm signed up for the optional re-occuring subscription?

4. Did I get two free months? Why didn't my verification e-mail ,clarify the expiration date?

Thanks in advance.

10-09-2009, 01:18 AM
I take it nobody around here knows?

10-20-2009, 12:53 AM
This is only my fourth message in the forums, and I have to say...I'm quite peeved off right now.

My e-mail from customer service reads the system has automatically charged my account three times more than what I originally requested.

Clearly this browser software had my fourth option selected. It still shows it that way in my Account information. So I haven't been given a sign-on bonus of two free months, as I now have verified.

Account choices were as follows:

US $143.40 Every 12 Months (20% Savings)

US $77.70 Every 6 Months (13% Savings)

US $41.85 Every 3 Months (7% Savings)

(checked) US $14.99 Monthly

And here is a copy of the e-mail:

Thank you for your inquiry. I have reviewed your account in detail and see that it was reinstated at the quarterly rate of $41.85. The subscription can be cancelled end-term at any time via the cancel link located at "http://myaccount.turbine.com". An End-Term Cancellation will prevent the recurring charge from processing and allow you to retain access during the current subscription.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please respond to this email, and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you,
The Turbine Customer Service Team

This is just plain wrong.

I'm disappointed and not very happy with this predatory online practice. Turbine inc. utilyzes fraudulent electronic money wire service? Has this happened to anyone else? Maybe we can bring a class action suit.

How can I trust them enough, to play this exciting gaming software now??

This would have never happened had George Lucas heard about it.

10-20-2009, 05:15 AM
Couple thoughts...

1) From my dealing with other such companies in the past, I'd bet it's unlikely Turbine will respond to a specific request concerning your problem here on the forum. There may be some lawyer's boilerplate about "confidentiality of user account information" somewhere in some TOS page somewhere that fully explains this policy in some legal jargon that no one other than contract lawyers would ever understand.

2) I read this after seeing your post in the other thread, and am not quite certain of the issue you raise. It sounds like you wanted $14.99/month billing, signed up for that, and ended up on a quarterly plan. Is that correct?

3) I too would be upset if such a problem occurred for me. It would be that much more upsetting if I'd received the "customer service" reply you got, which appears to me to completely ignore your question.

4) Just to be a wiseguy, I'd say it's the making of a comedy sketch.

Restaurant patron: I'd like the steak.
Waiter: Certainly, sir.
(Waiter brings a lobster.)
Restaurant patron: What's this? I ordered a steak.
Waiter: This is a lobster, sir.
Restaurant patron: I see that, but I ordered a steak.
Waiter: Let me get the manager.
Manager: Sir, I have researched this, and confirmed that you have been served a lobster, as ordered.
Restaurant patron: But I didn't order a lobster! I ordered a steak and that's what I want!
Manager: I'm sorry you're unhappy with your lobster, sir. Would you like to order something else?
Restaurant patron: Yes, I want a steak!
Manager: Very well.
(Waiter brings another lobster.)
Restaurant patron: What is going on here? Are you people insane? I've ordered steak, and you brought me two lobsters!
Waiter: Sir, our records show that we've served everything you've ordered. I could get the manager again.
Restaurant patron: I don't want the MANAGER, I want my steak! The one I ordered and you guys messed up TWICE.
Waiter: This is very unusual, sir, and you're disturbing our other customers, I'm going to have to ask you to calm down.
Restaurant patron: Forget it. I'm out of here.
Waiter: Would you like the lobsters in a takeout bag?
Restaurant patron: NO!
Waiter: Very well. Please pay at the register on your way out.
Restaurant patron: I'm not paying!

Waiter: Well we can't have customers ordering two dinners and then just not paying. I'm calling the police.