View Full Version : Random list of random ideas

10-06-2009, 09:08 PM
I'm not a VIP so if these are already in-game please tell me.

1. Megadungeons
A. Labyrinth: A long maze-like dungeon that's really easy to get confused in and with a few Treasure rooms with nothing but treasure chests
B. Gauntlets: A dungeon like Devil Assault(Don't have it, I'm not a VIP so I'm just going from what I've heard). There are rounds of just monsters with a bit of a rest period between waves. Extremely difficult. After so many waves, players are warped to a tavern to rest up for the next round. The best treasure on the last and final wave.

2. Crafting
Magic Items like scrolls and wands can be crafted for 1/4 of the cash from a vendor money and the item will immediately be made but on a cool down of 4-8 hrs. per lvl of spell for wands and 20 min per spell level for a scroll or something like that.

3. Archery
I read on the forums ranged ROF is really low. Please increase.

4. Minor inconviences
A. Quest Log: Place a gold coin/some type of identifier next to quests that are NOT F2P
B. Guest passes: I don't have one and never had one but personally it's my opinion they should last 4-6 hours to give time to finish. (Please correct if this is wrong.)