View Full Version : Mithril- We are back and recruiting

10-06-2009, 10:37 AM
Mithril a founding guild has returned after years of rest! We are seeking adventurers that are stronger than steel and rare as diamond to become MITHRIL!!! We seek those who wish to adventure together in an effort to explore and conquer Stormreach and all that surrounds it. We are not strict with our members as we understand this is just a game and we all want to have fun yet we do not seek those who unwittingly cause problems and fail to cooperate in achieving goals. All members are required to be 18+yrs of age as we are mature gamers. We live by a NEED before GREED philosophy and feel strongly that if you can help a fellow guildy reach a higher level of proficency you should do so not because you have to but because you want to. Our game times vary based on our players but we generally have a prescense between 9pm-2am cst most weeknights/ 9am-2pm cst Fridays and Sunday evenings when available. Once we grow in numbers we will be performing raids and encourage our guildies to groupo with one another whenever possible. Though we are not strict we do ask that respect be given to each member and the ranks of officer and guild leader are to be recognized as such when important matters are being discussed. So if we sound like the guild for you please send an ingame tell to Myself (Vanquish-Tharashk), my co-leader (Kelbryn) or any other officer that may be on at the time as we look forwrd to meeting you and dicsovering if you fit in well with our style of play. You can also respond to this post or email me at ddo_mithril@cox.net. Either way may adventure always be in your heart and the gods at your side!

Our website is up http://mithril.guildmeeting.net