View Full Version : Guest Passes

10-05-2009, 05:02 PM
Add a second timer for some areas: Quest Completion.

In areas such as Sorrowdusk, it is very, very possible for a guest to get part way through the quest chain, run out of timer, and then be unable to finish without receiving a new pass.

Areas to consider this in: Deleras, Sorrowdusk, Catacombs, STK, TR, and the first three Necropolise.

There's probably more areas that would benefit from this, but I'm mainly thinking about areas that involve a quest "chain" v. areas that have a lot of different quests (i.e. Ataraxia's Haven and Three Barrel Cove). Have the timer work as implemented, but include a second tier that recognizes if you are part way through the chain when the pass ends. At the worst, this will allow a f2p player to get into a quest chain one last time in the last 5 minutes of the pass. In return, it doesn't force a VIP group with a guest to speed through the quest to ensure completion and reward.