View Full Version : Suggested DDO promotion - Necropolis weekend

10-05-2009, 08:45 AM
Here's a little suggestion for the Turbine marketing people, as an attempt to sell more adventure packs.

For one weekend only (say starting noon at Turbine's office on Friday October 16 and going 72 hours), give all free/Premium players access to the following Necropolis content:

Level 5: Tomb of the Burning Heart (Normal difficulty only)
Level 8: Tomb of the Shadow Knight (Normal only)
Level 11: Tomb of the Forbidden (Normal only);
Level 14: Ghosts of Perdition (Normal only)

Explorer Area: Orchard of the Macabre - but keep the collection quests (Tapestries and the others) unavailable.

Also offer a couple of anti-undead items that are solid, but nothing special statwise in the DDO store - perhaps a +1 Quarterstaff of Undead Bane (min level 4) for 30 points, a +2 Ghost Touch Light Mace of Pure Good (min level 6) for 50 points, a +5 Holy Maul (min level 12) for 80 points, a 50-charge Rod of Restoration for 100 points, or things like that. No disruptors, or Ghost Touch or Holy Greater Banes of course.

At the same time, offer 25% or 30% off each Necropolis pack, and also offer a special where if you buy all of the packs (or all of the ones you don't own, if you already own one to three of them), you also get one of each of the items.