View Full Version : Ordering hirelings to sneak

10-04-2009, 02:30 PM
As mentioned, IMHO it would be great to be able to order your hirelings to sneak.
It is always a strange sight if I sneak around, whereas my hireling fllows me around and doesn´t take care whether he is visible and makes noisesor not.
While they probably aren´t as talented at sneaking as my own char (unless my hireling is a rogue of course) I think that even sneaking with just a skill of 1 or 2 in hiding/moving silently will make a big difference towards the distance at which enemies can hear/see my hireling.
So, well, it would be great if you had a switch in the command bar for your hireling, where you can switch him between running normally and sneaking (similar to the switch between "hold position" and "follow me")