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10-03-2009, 12:05 PM
Last night during The Devil you Know, I took my level 20 cleric into the raid thinking okay im level 20 ive got all the mana I should need. Stocked up on potions and scrolls. I was geared up took the capstone Divine Intervention thinking okay at least with this I can keep the party up during crucial moments right?


You know I cant lie and say I dont complain about a lot of things, wont lie and say there has been little petty things that have made me threaten to leave. No im not threatening to quit this time just trying to understand the logic behind this capstone. First off it takes up Dv's my cleric is not dv specced at most she can cast 14 of these less if my charisma item isnt on. Second the cool down on this is ridiculously long it lasts almost as long as the Divine intervention itself. So basically it tells me that I can either A. use it only on myself or B. hope that I can time it well enough to maybe get two people with it.

I dont understand this even before I tried it out I felt the capstone was a little underwhelming. But after trying it I cannot understand why if it costs Dv's why it doesnt just pull your whole dv total and buff the entire party/raid group with this spell. Or do something about the long cool down between casts. Right now its as useful as death pact to me. Another thing is when I put it on the main tank he was still killed after the raid was over by the Damage over Time effect that Horoth does and he had a full couple of minutes of the divine intervention left on him.

Right now as it stands im starting to feel like I wasted my time with this, I really hope the Developers of the capstone will look into this and see where the weakness is. Many level 20 clerics will want to use this for battles, I am not asking for the duration to be lengthened I think that would be too game breaking. But for a 5 minute buff you would think the cool down would not be almost that long before recast. I really hope this can be looked into.

10-03-2009, 12:14 PM
I actually found it useful in TOD, I use it on the shadow kiter, and then on the Hogarth Tank. But, it is rather underwhelming, I agree--my other clerics dont have it and our ToD parties do just fine.

Id really like one for us offensive casting clerics--Maybe one us of a DV for +2 to Dc or Spell Pen that statcks with everything we already have.

10-03-2009, 12:17 PM
I have to say / signed I may just multiclass all mine with wiz at least you get the extra meta and some wand perks :( if turbine is going to relook at these capstones for sure i wish they would say for sure b4 i choose to multiclass em !

10-03-2009, 12:20 PM
Second the cool down on this is ridiculously long it lasts almost as long as the Divine intervention itself.
Costing DV charges and a long cooldown is overkill. One or the other.

10-03-2009, 12:27 PM
Exactly Moops I dont understand why at level 20 they did not think "hmm some clerics may want to use their other spells especially offensive casting clerics." I definitely would have appreciated something like that to make the cleric class more rounded and hope their next prestige enhancement addresses that. I know in the new raid until we get a more solid strategy down I wont be using my death spells in there even though I really specced kam out for that. But to have this capstone and only have it useful for one member then add the long arse cooldown its just a waste of time to me.

And I agree AD if it was a matter of a long cool down without the Dv's I may not have felt the need to complain about this. But the fact that it takes DV's and is basically useful only once per cast makes this capstone extremely underwhelming. I mean what did they think it would be used for? Why keep death pact if this is its replacement? Because as it stands thats what it may end up being used for since I cant cast it on my full party or raid group even having enough Dv's to do so.