View Full Version : lvl 8 vip rogue

09-30-2009, 07:26 PM
Hi im a mature player , im looking for a guild to team with and have fun ,
i need a group of ppl willing to team and quest with each other.

Look me up , im Squerek.

would like a vent using guild if possible.

10-02-2009, 08:38 AM
Hello my name is SmokeyTurtle
Leader of Smokey's Guild
We would like to welcome all Levels/Classes/Races to our family.
You say what is in it for me at Smokey's ?
Well I say Fellowship and a place where everyone knows your name.
We also have a website..
So you can share your best moments here at Smokey's Guild"

\/\/elcome All /\/ew /\/\embers.........


Leader 2006

#1 officer 2006