View Full Version : Collectables after 4 weeks

09-28-2009, 07:48 PM
I am still playing my original 28 point builds from September 1. No Vale quests done yet, but I am working the other areas. Getting my 1750 favor is a slow and arduous process.

I did see a Lightning Split Soarwood on auction buyout for 95,000 GP which is cheap compared to other servers. No, I did not purchase as that is a large chunk of my platinum.

Some of the auction prices for Vials of Pure Water, Sparkling Dust, and Silver Flame Hymnals are a bit outrageous. Especially when I could buy the LSS for cheaper than what they are asking or around the same price. A SFH for 500,000 WOW.

I have done 16 Xorian Ciphers with no LSS and no planar gird.

Lightning Split Soarwoods = 0
Fragrant Drowshoods = 2
Silver Flame Hymnals = 6
Luminescent Dust = 8
Tomes: Prophecies of Khyber = 15
Sparkling Dust = 29
Vials of Pure Water = 37
Deadly Feverblanch = 67

Today I saw a level 20, so it only takes FOUR weeks or less to make a level 20.