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09-27-2009, 01:22 PM
Hi all,

I started playing DDO about a month and a half ago now, being introduced to it from a few people I play Team Fortress 2 with. Most of them have lost interest but I'd like to keep playing, so I'm looking to find a guild that fits my playstyle. I'm a fairly active player willing to take a quest slow if people wish, or to run fast for completion -- my preference is a bit of a middle ground between zerging and exploring every nook and cranny of a dungeon. At the moment I'm leveling up a couple of pure characters and trying to understand the game better, the main being my cleric Sheamuss. My eventual goal is to be able to run raids, but I've found enough fun quests on my way up that I don't mind running other things as well.

The main thing I'm looking for is an active guild, while I haven't had much trouble finding PUGs (everyone loves a healer ;)) I found it was more fun when I had a somewhat static group to run with. I'm sure there are a handful of guilds that would be a good fit, but can anyone point me in the right direction of who to look for?

10-01-2009, 12:57 PM
Take a look at Remember Honor; we're a smaller group of mature VIP players. There are usually 6-10 of us online in the evenings or weekends. We have scheduled raids (usually one a week) and also have some lower to mid level characters leveling right now.

Look me up in game if you want to do a couple runs.


10-02-2009, 08:22 AM
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