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09-26-2009, 04:31 PM
Hi all, prepare for another new player question. This one concerning Dragonmarks.

I played a Halfling Rogue up to the point where I could get the Dragonmark and I read on the forums that you could make a new character who will then have access to the Dragonmark. So I went into character creation and couldn't find where to add it. Then I thought maybe I had to get to the first rank to spend a point on it, but it wasn't there ether.

So, what is this noob doing wrong?

Oh, and I know a lot of people say the Dragonmark isn't worth it, especially on a rogue, but I want to try it out and have fun with it. I'm not going for a perfect character at the moment.

Thanks for your time. :)

09-26-2009, 04:49 PM
to take dragonmarks on a character you have to first do lockania's quest in the harbor

her quest will reward (every character) with a free feat exchange, which you can use if you like to swap in the dragonmark you wanted to take a level 1

The first time you do the quest your account will be flagged capable of creating new characters with dragonmarks at level 1.

Keep in mind that while the halfling jorasco dm line is excellent, its also very hard to work into a feat-starved class like rogue. If you cannot fit in all 3 dragonmarks, its probably not worth it, as least and lesser dm are not very powerful, but greater dm is very powerful.

its not, however, better than having weapon finesse(maybe), improved critical pierce, regular/improved/greater two weapon fighting, and toughness, and hopefully power attack (whcih is 6/7 feats, and a rogue with no splash levels has 7.

If you want a rogue with access to jorasco dragonmarks, consider 2 levels of monk or fighter for the bonus feats to be able to acquire the dragonmarks without sacrificing basic effectiveness. Making a self-healing character who can't do anything isn't going to be very rewarding in the endgame

Making a self-healing rogue who uses halfling dragonmarks to help keep himself alive when he pulls too much aggro, however, will be very rewarding