View Full Version : fighter build help

09-26-2009, 12:58 PM
i was wanting to make a self healing fighter buti keep messing it up and i have found nothing in the forums to help me build what i want, so i was wondering if someone out there could help me build this guy from a 28 point build
basiclly all i want is
a dual weilder that can use 2 bastard swords
and the ability to use heavy armour
and also the ability to heal minor wounds in the rare chance i cant make it to a shrine or i have used them allready, healablity is just for occasinal use basically thats all the mana would be used for no other spells
i was thinking a dwarf/fighter/cleric build
or now that i hear about my brothers paladin i was thinking a fighter paladin build
i know i need fighter for the bastard sword feat but each time iv tryed to build one i always screw it up because i dont put enough points into 1 or 2 abilitys could someone please help me with this any input would be appreciated