View Full Version : Explicit gear snapshotting

09-26-2009, 03:55 AM
The equipped items on a my.ddo.com character display are frequently nonrepresentative of the character, because there's a tendency to be in Haggle items prior to logout, among other possibilities.

It might be interesting if a player could (temporarily) override the normal snapshotting on his character, such as by selecting a dialog option at that "journalist" NPC standing on the harbor dock. That would take a gear snapshot immediately, and prevent future auto-snapshots for X days (or until you use another dialog choice).

Another suggestion, minorly related:
Some people would like to be able to mark a large amount of their inventory for display, such as all 39 assorted raid loots.
Some players would like to reveal their raid completions counters, and/or lockout timers. One is bragging/crying, the other is scheduling utility.