View Full Version : Opt Out Option

09-25-2009, 04:00 PM
In my mostly humble opinion, this is a neat, but occasionally detrimental system. For a brief example, I was briefly harassed because of my.ddo.com. I did not file a report, as it was nothing serious, but it wouldn't have happened if people weren't able to see what my character had equipped at some random point in time.

I put together a shroud raid on hard, and pointed out that I would be picky (I wanted an optimal group.) I turned down one player because he told me what he would be using, and I decided it was unsatisfactory. A couple days later, he started ragging on me because I had the same weapons equipped that he planned to use. I had to explain that just because those were the weapons I had in hand when the web site took its snap shot, did not mean those were the weapons I used on the pit fiend.

I definitely think that one should be able to Opt out, or have some measure of control as to what equipment is displayed.