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09-25-2009, 04:19 AM
The other day I set up a LFM but ended up joining in another Pug.(I think I was invited or I happened to see it in the LFM). Since I joined their group I tried to delete my listing but could not figure out how to do it. The leader of our Pug said he hadn't been able to figure it out and he has been playing since beta.

Is there a way to delete your listing if you join someone's group?

Origonally I looked for a group before I listed, so I didn't post lightly, but I was waiting a bit longer than I wanted to so I ended up joining. I'm pretty sure that I got invited to his group and I don't think he was listed.

When I do this again and my group fills up, I would like to get rid of the listing so I am not asked to join in. I didn't see any documentation in the game on this. It took me a bit to figure out how to make the list. I am one of those that didn't spec any lvl. Sorry, first time trying to use the LFM and I had no idea how to work it. I have looked at it a bit more, but I would like to be able to delete my listing so that I can play with it a bit to try and get to hand of it.

Sometimes I have to play around just to figure things out.

09-25-2009, 04:34 AM
If you join another group, your listing is automatically removed. It is always deleted anytime you lose party leader status. It also self-deletes if your party fills up (6 or 12 people depending on nonraid/raid parties.

If for some reason it is still up there and you want to take it down, open up the "Create Party" window that you use to set up the LFM and look for a little checkbox at the top of the window marked "Advertise as looking for more players". Unchecking this deletes your LFM posting.

Note that if you have a full group you can check this box to repost even though noone will be able to join. I use this to see where the slowpokes are :D

09-25-2009, 08:44 AM
The listing is supposed to disappear by itself.

However, sometimes weird bugs happen and LFMs stay up while they should not, and it's not possible to fix it by unchecking the "create party" button. One way to get rid of it is to transfer leadership to someone else (possibly getting leadership first if you're not the leader).