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09-24-2009, 08:09 AM
After running the Heart series of quests and the Bloody Crypt in Necropolis you are given FIVE beetle shaped scarabs.

(As everyone has learned already, you use the Stone of Change to combine those five scarabs into the dust. Then you find Squire Rale in Necropolis.)

For a cleric, I chose the Signal of the Silver Flame as it gives me extra turn undead. I guessed that it gave me extra DVs also.

It did. The Signal of the Silver Flame gives you two extra DVs or Turn Undeads.

There is a CAVEAT though.

When you remove the trinket it also removes TWO DVs or two Turn Undeads. You must rest to get them back. Even if you have used up two DVs on someone else, it still removes two DVs.


You have 10 Dvs when the trinket is equipped. But you must fly so you put on your Mummified Bat to fly. Poof, there goes two DVs. You now have eight DVs.

I realize this is not much, but sometimes those extra DVs on elite quests can be handy for a haste or a firewall.


You have 10 DVs. Your sorceror in the party casts blur and haste on everyone. You use five DVs to refill him. You now have five DVs. You must fly so you equip your Mummified Bat and poof, there goes two more DVs.
Yo now have three Dvs. Even though you did not use them on anyone.

11-04-2009, 12:27 PM
The same thing happens with the higher-level Necklace of Dragonmarked. You lose a dragonmark use every time it is unequipped. They should fix this.

11-04-2009, 12:36 PM
So the behavior of the new items differs from the old CHA boost methods.

CHA boost upped the MAX number of Turns you had, so if after using a few you swapped out the CHA item, it would not debit any remaining (unless you would have had more than allowed).

The new items just boost the number of TURNS you HAVE by 2, but only restore them during a rest.

mmm annoying and definitely lowers the appeal of those items, since the other effects are ahem...meh.