View Full Version : The Abyss is recruiting

09-24-2009, 01:38 AM
The Abyss is newly formed guild intent on having a social and friendly gaming experience. We are currently a small guild looking for all levels and classes to join us. We use a voice chat server called GSC (works kind of like Ventrillo) and would like for everyone one of our members to at least download it and come in and listen, its free to use and download and ill be perfectly happy to help you in the installation and configuration process. The Abyss is actually a Multi-MMO spanning community, but we need to gain a fair amount of active members before we can be added to the main guilds website and have our own forum sections etc. I am confident the process of recruiting at least 20 active players will be sufficient for this, and am looking forward to hearing from our new members. Contact Nemnoch Gravewhisper on the Cannith server for more information, and if im not online at the time please send me an in game mail or e-mail me at onelifetodiefor@gmail.com

Sincerely, Nemnoch Gravewhisper,
Master of the DDO Branch of The Abyss