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09-22-2009, 10:43 PM
Roll a warforged - 5 levels of wizard for haste and solid repairs, 12 levels of rogue for thief-acrobat II, 1-3 of barbarian or 2 more levels of wizard for level 4 spells....
Would give +20% natural striding.. +20% from your boots, +40% from haste+ 25% from expedious, +35% from barbarian sprint... at any time your acrobat could burst to +130% movement speed... Talk about "Showtime"!
What I can't decide is if thief-acrobat II gives immunity to knockdown effects, why would anyone train in "Balance"? Save the points for concentration, tumble, jump, other standard roguery... PnP acrobats had to have 15 str and 16 dex so i would reccomend at least that... power attack gives double bonus to quarterstaves, and contrary to popular belief, quarterstaves do produce a decent amount of "glancing" blows.
I haven't gotten there yet but I can't decide whether to go with 3 levels of barbarian for 1/- and another boost to 2hwf and another +2BAB or just 1 level of barbarian and take wizard to level 7 for level 4 spells... level 4 spells are useful but so is being 2 barbarian levels tougher! Discuss...