View Full Version : Installing from ancient dvd?

09-21-2009, 04:46 PM
Hi there. I have an old (2006) dvd copy of DDO Stormreach I bought retail and was gonna try out the new free DDO when my brand spankin' new fangled wireless modem comes in the mail. My conundrum: I have limited download usage (5Gb/month), and I was wondering if I could install the game off this old dvd and then just patch up? I scouted around a bit and saw some people had old installations that had trouble patching, but could not find too much concrete on the subject (Admittingly, I didn't look too hard.). If I could save the time and bandwidth usage and just install the 3Gb version on my computer and start cooking sooner, that would be ideal. Probably a stupid question, but any help is greatly appreciated in advance. You, Mr./or Mrs. (Insert name here), Rock. Thank you.