View Full Version : Question Mod or Dev! But anyone welcome!

09-21-2009, 12:46 PM
Ok so my question is simple but might need a moderator or dev to answer I am about to start the process of buying content but at the same time plan on paying for VIP now and then due to the nature of having two wonderful boys buying VIP status is based off there needs first so my question is say I buy three Adventure Packs which in turn will level me to 20 even if I don't have my VIP at the time, Then I buy the VIP Status to play for a month or two, then kids need to go on a field trip ect. and I have to go back to Premium Membership for a bit how do they keep track of what I buy or is it going to reset all my Adventure Packs when I go back to Premium. <I guess in a way it is also a idea for the Devs on a way for us to keep track ourselves>

09-21-2009, 12:51 PM
so far as I can tell it will keep track, but its worth sayign that if you intend to subscribe even part of the time, you're probably best off just buying a discounted longer-term subscription; the cost of the adventure packs to level to 20 is equivalent to a couple months subscription anyway, so you'd need to expect to not be subscribing for a good 4-6 months in the future for that to pay off, to be entirely honest.

If you subscribe and save your subscription-granted turbine points (500/month) and the points you gain via favor from playing (and you still get those), if you ever choose to go non-vip you will easily be able to purchase those few adventure packs to fill in the high-level range, since you wont have to spend any points on low level packs you will quickly bypass.

the grand total of the 3 most essential packs for leveling to 20 (gianthold, vale and devils of shavarath) is around 2000 points; 3 subscription months and the favor from running your character up to level 20 will pay for them, and after that point you will be adding up points to spend on other high-level content to have access to more loot and quests.