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09-21-2009, 09:34 AM
The Valhalla Permadeath Guild on Ghallanda will be running another Tour Of Xendrik starting tonight at about 700 PM EST. We will try to run for about 2 hours and run two nights per week.

New Players, Veterans and F2P are all welcome.

You will have to follow the basic guild rules - which are:

1 - No resurrection shrines
2 - No use of AH at all
3 - No buying from Brokers
4 - No buying consumable magic (wands, potions, scrolls) Components and inscription materials are fine
5 - Groups Open quests on the Hardest setting available (Hard) no Farming Cheap XP by running easy quests
6 - No Twinking, PUGS, Exploits or Spoilers

Tonight we hit Korthos Village and Island on Hard (one time) and find the Explorer Points
Hit the Market/Habor as quests are listed on the compendium on the Hard setting (one time) Including chains - and Explorer points -ONE TIME and move on.

IF possible VIPs will buy passes as needed for F2P
Hit the Houses and related Explorer Areas on Hard one time as listed on the compendium

You get the idea

We will meet Mondays from 7 to 9 pm and one other day a week - to be determined.

This is a great way for new players and vets to:

Experience a large amount of the content in a challenging setting
Experience Permadeath while running quests which are appropriate to level
Get to meet others in the Ghallanda Community.

Look for any Guild member of Officer if I am not on before then - but I plan to be on during the day.

Be on time with your adventurer at 7pm EST.

IF this time is not good for you - let me know via a pm or in game tell. We have many members who are on at various times and already a number have expressed an interest in being a "Tour Guide" for other groups of intested adventurers.

See you in the game.

KG Wiking

09-22-2009, 03:04 PM
Six Adventurers went forth from Korthos Village and the Island after running the quests one time on hard. They now head to the harbor to experience the game play there.

The group leader was a veteran of our guild - and from all accounts they had a splendid time and will be going forth on Wednesday.

If running this type of sequence questing interests you give me an in game tell on Ghallanda or to any guild member - or a PM here.

KG Wiking

09-24-2009, 02:15 AM
The First group has gone through about half of the Harbor - on hard - and move on.

The second group ran through Korthos - and part of the Harbor.

We had 46 adventurers online from 6pm and a full group is running right now - 3am - representing 22 different members. Six parties of more than four adventurers went out tonight.

Good stuff happening in Hard Core- No Farming Quests - PD land.