View Full Version : Returning Player Needing a Guild

09-18-2009, 06:37 AM
Hail and Well Met

Returning after some problems with pc, finances, and health....long story wont bore you all. In any case am glad to say this founder is returning hopefully permanently.

I am looking for a good roleplaying guild for one or all my characters.

I have a level 7 Paladin human
and a level 6 rogue hobbit
my other characters are newbies.

I tend to like lite to medium rp guilds but I have played in heavy as well.

I have experience in ultima online, eq II, swg and LOTR roleplayingn guilds.
I tend to be very active est and like to contribute as well.

I will look forward to hearing from anyone with an active guild that helps its members and is active.