View Full Version : Returning Player Needs Help Finding Guild With Similar Gameplay Attitude

09-17-2009, 10:05 AM
2 Months ago I realized DDO was still around, after being devastatingly disappointed at initial release some years ago, I decided to check it out again. After 2 hours of playing I cried tears of joy and signed up for a full account.

This is an MMO I really enjoy because it is based on questing, exploring and problem solving. Not soley on fetch and kill quests. Games like WOW got under my skin because of the repetition.

ANyway, I like to play the game. I want to enjoy the ride of exploring new areas and quests. I don't want people on my back if I want to play a fighter with an INT of 18 and strength of 14. It makes the game different every time. It seems that everytime I join a PUG everyone just runs off and Zergs the whole thing, they turn it into a WOW or Diablo style click fest. And seriously, are Mics that expensive these days?

I would really like to find a casual guild with an emphasis on fun and adventure not a Zerg "lets see how fast we can run it and by God you will spec out like this" type Guild. I am sure most of you are now hesitant about new recruits with all the Freebies running around acting like fools. I would appreciate any info on this type of guild.

Thank you.