View Full Version : Need character plannign advice from current players.

09-17-2009, 07:13 AM
Heya folks. It's been a couple years since i've played, and I know a lot has changed in that time. If i explain the type of character and style i like to play, would you guys give me some build advice?

First, i like to solo a lot. My experience in the past was that i needed high spell resistance... otherwise i found myself dancing around constantly while mobs killed me. I also found that being able to use a healing wand was invaluable. This made me change from builds i wanted to do to builds i had to do. Where i started with rogue/ranger/fighter mixes that excited me to plan, i ended with ranger/paladin mixes that would simply run circles around mobs filling them up with arrows and healing myself of any damage. It was easy, but kind of lame. So, if you have the time, i'm going to explain what i like and hopefully you can suggest a good mix that will meet my needs and still allow me to solo when i want.

I like an extreme dex build focusing on passive feats, either halfling or drow. I like to run, jump, and tumble. I also like stealth. I like to wear a robe into battle (in the past i was neutral so i could wear the stability robe over the water works bracers). I've typically started off rogue for the initial skill points and sometimes evasion. I've typically gone for feats like weapon finesse, Dodge->Mobility->Spring Attack, and anything that boosts my ac. I like passive feats. In the past i always focused on two weapon fighting, but at this point i'm not sure i have enough play-time to go that route due to the sheer amount of weapon collecting that must be done... coming up with weapon pairs for all the different mobs.

I do have access to drow, but i do not have monk.

Ack, gotta get to work... thanks for any advice you can offer!

09-17-2009, 09:24 AM
A Drow Cleric\Rogue, Drow Fighter\Rogue with lots in UMD, and WF Wizard\Rogue comes to mind.

I have had success with these unless I became over zealous with the Fighter\Rogue ... :)