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09-15-2009, 12:31 PM
Good quests for leveling:
(The map can be accessed by pressing the M key. For those of you who do not know; North is up on the map, West is Left, East is Right, South is down.)

Level 1-3 quests in the harbor

Located in the Harbor at the waters edge at the mid-south of map
Can be soloed easily.
The quest giver is inside the waterworks. Keep going straight once you enter. Do not take the door on the right until you have finished the second chapter.
This is a good quest to repeat for the end loot: +2 ability items.

Things that make it a little easier:
Lesser Spearblock
Fear removal pots (Dagoward’s Apothocary in North-western part of Harbor.)
Acid Resist (Pots can be purchased in the center of the Marketplace. There are also robes and several classes have acid resist enhancements.)
A trash weapon or three to fight oozes. Oozes will destroy your weapon. If you do not have any extra weapons use your bare hands.

Kobold’s New Ringleader
Located in the southern part of the harbor right outside the Wayward Lobster Tavern.
The quest giver is Guard Jung. He is in the dead center of the map.
Can be soloed easily

Things that make it a little easier:
Lesser Spearblock.
Soloing will make the end boss much less likely to kill you than in a group because of dungeon scaling.
Open the last shrine door before you fight him and lure him to the hallway. If you die you can run to the shrine and rez.

Information is Key

Location: Osgood’s Basement in south western part of harbor
Quest giver is in the Wayward Lobster Tavern.
Easy to solo

Things that make it a little easier:
At the last room break the barrels to lure the rogues out of the room. It is better to fight them first then fight Shriktalon alone.

Level 3-4 in the Marketplace

STK (Shan To Kor)
The Steam Tunnels in south eastern part of the marketplace
The quest giver is Wayfinder Dael.

Things that make it a little easier:
Fire resist
Evasion or a rogue if in a group
Fear removal
Lesser restore pots

If you do not do much damage you may need a melee hireling to solo the end boss.
This quest gives good end rewards. I usually run it several times until I am level 4. Watch out for the earth elementals and ogres if you have low hit points.

Level 4-5 in House Phiarlan
House Phiarlan is in the northwestern corner of the marketplace.
The entrance to Tangleroot is in the northwestern corner of House Phiarlan. Wransyl is his name. Talk to him and he will take you to an Inn. Bind here and talk to Eremic Quall. Then head out the door and into the tangleroot adventure area. Keep heading north and west and you will find Chief Ungarz. Talk to him to get the quest. Now if you recall from this area you will head back to the inn. Talk to Eremic Quall again to be teleported back to Chief Ungarz.

Things that will help:
Chaotic weapons (If you are chaotic)
Lesser restoration pots
Fire resist
A high will save
Attack the clerics/witchdoctors first
On the quest "Whisperdoom's spawn" you must destroy her egg sacs then run. Either run to the quest entrance or run to the shrine and close the door after destroying all the eggs. You cannot kill Whisperdoom. If you have more than one group mate have them distract her while you kill the eggs.

More to come....