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09-15-2009, 07:24 AM
Hey all,

Heard a lot about levelsigils and how they're arguably hard to come by.
I just started DDO and the question I have is wether or not it's possible to get one in ths "starter" area i.e. the island.
I'd like to do the whole exploring of that area before leaving but if there's no way to get a levelsigil there, I'll just level up someplace else.


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All the rewards in the starter area are static they never change. Therefor level sigils will not drop as rewards for any of those quests.

Also you wont need a level sigil until you have enough XPs for level 5, but finding one ASAP is never a bad thing.

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its hard tog et past level 2 on the starter island, maybe level 3 tops, so you have a lot of time spent off-island before you encounter need for the first sigil (you needi t to level to 5, so you'd have all of level 4 and 5's exp at the least, and probably a lot of 3 as well) to earn it.

the island quests have great loot; run them all once at least

09-15-2009, 03:30 PM
Regarding the difficulty of finding a sigil, I'll say this.

My group of 5 new players left Korthos Island, came to Stormreach, and the first thing we did was wander into the Currilean (sp) Hills. Found a quest in there called "Where There's Smoke". Completed it. Got our rewards. Our Paladin got a leveling sigil as one of his reward choices.

So for us, one Stormreach quest and one member of our party got one. I'm sure it isn't this common, but it gives me hope that it isn't so rare as to be essentially unattainable.

09-15-2009, 10:49 PM
Level sigils randomly drop as quest rewards, I've heard though that they drop in chests before but never seen one in a chest. I'd say get a sigil off the store since the copper sigil is only 50 points as a sale right now. Thats the same as one Turbine point favor reward I believe.