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09-14-2009, 10:53 AM
I'm relatively new here and am looking for a little help on multi-classing as follows:

Exactly how do I multiclass ? I know I use a trainer but, do you level both classes simultaneously ?

Does it matter which I use for my base/starting class ?

Example: Lets say I want a level 2 rogue/ 14 ranger err whatever... should I start as a rogue then multiclass once I hit 2nd or vice versa... start as ranger and multi at 14 to rogue ? will it make a difference ?

Ive looked at alot of the builds on the forums but can someone suggest a good multiclass/race option for a Pally ?
I want to be able to melee solo and also be useful in high level groups ? (preferably not human) Are elf melee pally's gimp ? Do I need a shield to be successful at high levels ? Can i get a decent enough AC if I dual wield ?

lastly, whats with the dragonmarks? I did the quest with an elf ranger I have, answered all the Q's and was sent to see Fred but, he doesnt let me do anything besides exchange a feat, he doesnt let me obtain my dragonmark (shadow) as I thought I was supposed to be able to do.

Any help is appreciated.

09-14-2009, 11:12 AM
multiclass is not like in pnp. You can take whatever class whenever you want as long as you can quilify for it up to 3 classes. Its usually best policy to take the class that offers you the most skill points at creation. In your example rogue would be first. Just make sure to plan it out before you multiclass because it is very easy to botch it on skill point and when you take feats.

for your pali question you need to be more specific and have more clear goals and how you want to play. How many lvls of multi do you want, wear plate or cloth, want intimidate etc. Elf is fine for pali just make sure you dont dump your con and hp totals.

You have to pick a feat you want to switch to the dragonmark shadow and put it into the box. You also may need a siberys shard to switch it. read the small print under the 2 squares you put the feats in.

09-15-2009, 12:11 PM
It doesn't matter what class you start. But, if you are planning on taking any rogue levels it generally is better to take the rogue level as level 1 (creation). That way you get more skill points to spend.

When you get to lvl 2 (lvl 3 or whenever you plan to add another class) and just talk to that class trainer you want to multiclass.

If you want a to add a dragonmark it uses up a feat (which depending on your class(es) may be limited). Fred the mindflayer will swap feats for you (either with a free swap or paying him). I think when Fred and the Dragonmark quest were introduced it was so existing characters could swap feats to get Dragonmarks if they wanted. The dragonmark quest basically provides you with a Free Feat Swap with Fred.