View Full Version : Helping New Players-Argonnessen

09-13-2009, 02:25 PM
I started out my play time today by heading to Korthos to finish the quests on the elite difficulties as my lvl 9 rogue. When I got there I was astonished to see many players asking questions like "how do I get my mana back" or "or how do I prepare spells". These and things similar are what I call 'common D&D knowledge'(for the most part). However I entirely understand how players from other mmos might not understand how to do certain things.
So I started by answering every question that came up. After a point I was unable to even play, the questions became so numerous. So I thought to myself what can I do to help this? So I then started telling people to ask their questions in the /advice channel, which helped huge players immediately started using it and other players were able to answer the questions I didnt have time to.
So the spam got better in general chat. I then noticed a ton of players looking for team using the general chat, so again I thought 'how could I fix this'. So I started telling people how to use the social panel and how to join the /lfg.

All was well no players were spamming and the chat had died down significantly. Then an hour went by, and all the players I had informed had now moved on and a whole new 'spam' of players came along. Frustrated but understanding I repeated what I had done last time, sure enough the /advice channel picked up again and people got the help they needed. Again I told people about the social window and recruitment in general chat stopped.

Only to have another hour go by and see it happen again. I realized this was going to simply keep happening. At this point I made a decision, there needed to be a guild to help these new players get over any learning curve there may be.
Unruled Kingdom is that guild.

As leader I feel when im free I should dedicate my time to those that need the help I can offer. I read the mentor post and will be posting this there as well so people will see it.

What I ask is anyone interested in helping people please contact me ingame or via the forums. You can help with anything from plat to lvl 1 items. There are lots of empty gear slots out there to be filled.

I thank you for your time.