View Full Version : noob guild wants noobs (and others if you want to put up with us)

09-11-2009, 01:39 PM
I am currently the only member of the guild Dying Breed on Thelanis but so far it is easily the best guild that I've found in DDO. All of the members are helpful, share the same sense of humor, and are always on-line at the same time.

My intention is that Dying Breed at least initially becomes a noob leveling guild that people are free to join and leave as they wish with no real player commitments. I'd like people to behave maturely and politely but if a group is fine with poo poo humor and that's your thing go hard. Mostly a guild to keep you warm while you're learning the game, make some friends in when you're a rank noob, and to trade/give/get gear.

If you are looking for a guild like this (until you learn how to play a bit better and find a "real guild" or if you want to stick around) then please join now. New members will be able to invite other players pretty much as soon as they join and talk to me once.