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09-08-2009, 11:25 AM
Do to the numerous times I saw this question asked this weekend I thought I would post this thread for new players.

First) The Muckbane is a glass club with lesser ooze bane which gives I believe an extra 1d6 vs oozes. It does not take damage from the corrosive effects of oozes like other weapons will.

Second) This weapon is usable throughout the majority of the game so try to get it if you can.

Third) The quest is Durk's Got A Secret, quest giver is in the Leaky Dinghy to the right when you enter the Tavern. The quest entrance is Den of the Kobold Brothers in the Harbor. Go out the Dinghy, down the stairs, then up the ramp and into the courtyard you will find the entrance to the right, it looks like a sewer cover.

Fourth) Run the quest and eliminate the Kobold Brothers. Make sure you turn the valves located in both rooms where the brothers are found. If Muck spawns he will be found through the door just past the entrance to the Kobold Brother down the right path. There is no guarantee he will spawn and there is no way to make him spawn, he's either there or he's not.

Fifth) Rinse and repeat.

Anyway I'm not real good at writing this stuff but I hope it helps.

09-08-2009, 11:33 AM
everywhere you said, but most importantly within your guild on people who have 5 sitting in the bank and on the AC.. Those are the best two places to find mucks... no kidding..

09-08-2009, 12:22 PM
Another useful thing to know about Muckbanes - they sell for a lot on the AH. This means buying one isn't really feasible, but selling one is a good way to get some early cash. 100k gold won't be much later, but as a new player you will get a substantial benefit from this. You shouldn't do this with one given to you as it's presumably given to you with the assumption you use it, but if you find your own it's fair game.