View Full Version : Newbie Guild....all wlecome.

09-04-2009, 09:36 PM
I have started a guild called Short Bus Rydas. This guild will be for ANYONE, but it's main Function will be to offer advice to newbies and help them lvl up through the Harbor.

Anyone that would like to help out the influx of new players that will SOON be overflowing Korthos, is welcome to come in and give me a hand. I will have a FvS sitting at lvl 3 just for running with these guys/gals for the soul purpose of healing and back up tankage if need be.
We will NOT be handing out freebies to these new players. I will NOT share the quests with them. I will not RUN the quest FOR them.

I want to guide them in the OLD ways. We didn't have a SHARE button. That's lazy in my eyes. Let them learn that they must talk to the NPC's and advance the quest. Teach them early, that this is a GROUP ORIENTED game. Teach them that as a CLERIC, if this is the class they chose, there are certain expectations people will have for them. And that if they plan on being a fighting or battle cleric, Thats OK. They just need to let people KNOW that BEFORE joining a group that is looking for a cleric. As they will be expected to heal and thus make a bad impression.
Simple things, that we as veterans have learned and taken for granted over the years will be completely NEW to these people. KEEP THIS IN MIND. THEY DON'T KNOW!!!

So, please, if anyone is interested in helping me out here, send a messege via mail in game to ANDAIS. I work weekends, so when I get home Monday morning, I will check my mail.

Thank you in advance for anyone that decides to join me in this. I would like to keep the newbies interested and informed so that they continue to play. The more happy players we have, the longer we can enjoy a great game.