View Full Version : Returning Couple looking for Strong RP guild

08-28-2009, 08:34 PM
My husband and I are returning to DDO. Long ago we were a part of a very strong tight knit roleplay guild known as The Church of Tyrilath. While the game and its lack of content split the guild apart, we will never forget the experiences we had. With our return we hope to find a strong roleplay guild we can commit to.
We believe in being devoted to a guild, regularly grouping with guildies and always being in character no matter the situation, lessin it calls for it.
What we are looking for is a guild that give cause back to our good hearted characters and then a seperate guild for our not so good characters.

Our mains and highest level characters will always have a previous home with Tyrilath BUT now they seek out a new place to call home and make new friends, find new cause.

If you think your guild might be a good fit, please let me know. Just know our standards may be fairly high. We come from almost 10 years of MMO experience and almost 20 years of roleplay and pen and paper experience. The most important thing to us is having others to share our experiences with, whether its exploration, story arches and storylines or a simply good time. We are strong advocates of character development and forum roleplay and I feel we have a lot to offer a good guild.