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08-28-2009, 12:51 PM
Hey all. Returning for the new mod release. I play with my son alot he is 14. Been here since release. I have been in 2 guilds forsakenpath, and Scarlet Serpents. Original server was Torvonnilous. I will post my main toons names at end for contact. I require grouping before either side(me and the guild applying for) chooses to receive me into there flock. Keap in mind my son must be able to join also. He is very polite, he doesn't run ahead or spout nonsence, he loves PnP(he hates 4th eddition rules,loves 3.5) He does own my original AD&D books(was his 12th birthday gift). So he is no noob to D&D, nor to MMO's
his mmo playlist,
EQ, EQ2, COH/COV, WoW, SWG(before nge), WAR

add TR(Tabula Rasa), FE, CO, SWG(after nge) for me

I am not hardcore gamer, I like the have fun adventuring with friends, dead or alive at end of quest, doesn't matter. Long as we had fun doing it (**** happens).

I know all the quests (cept Shroud Raid and the New reaver stuff, also quests in the orchard I was capped with my mains) so never bothered to do em. Many people are too uptight to have fun raiding shroud with to risk losing the fun. Would love to do it with a patient guild someday but not in a rush.

We play abought 4 nights a week, mostly weekends. Or will after eu )

My toons are
Dedaria 15/1 wiz/rogue
Drude 14/2/1 Pal/rogue/cleric
Speedou 14/1 Sor/bard
Confusious 10/1 monk/rogue
Zuusoo 9/7 bard/ranger
, Deleted toons(Zapbra, Dudeus(is actually my mule now))

My son's are
Shire 14/1/1 pal/cleric/rogue
widgeter 15/1 sor/bard
povel 12 cleric
some more I can't remember been too long lol(our last break from game was 6 months long)

I rarely check the forums so look for me on Thelanis after mondays release. Sure I'll be on drude or dedaria checking out new content with my son. Enjoy the new stuff hope to see you around.