View Full Version : Casual new player looking for a guild

08-24-2009, 12:22 AM
Hi all.
I decided to check out DDO since its the only turbine game I haven't played yet. =)
A little bit of history about me:
I played Asherons call on Frostfell server for first 7 years it was out and then moved on to LOTRO where I close did beta and still play on Melendor server.I also did beta for for AC2 but was disappointed in it since it was nothing like AC1.I don't play a game for a month and move on. I would very much like to find a nice guild with older players for I'm
not a kid.I would like one that like helping new players learn the ropes.I you think I might fit into your Guild please reply here. I have a lv 3 cleric,2 ranger and a 2 warrior. I'm testing different toons to see what fits me play style best.


08-31-2009, 06:17 PM
I just came across your thread and thought I would extend an offer. I am the guild leader for the guild Eberron Dwarf Tossing League. I would like to extend an offer to run with us on a few adventures. The EDTL does not send out blind guild invites, we encourage members who are interested in joining the guild to run with a few of the members and some officers. That way you can test out the waters to see if you feel you would fit in with the guild. We've have a few experiences where someone joined and then a few hours or days later they leave because they feel their playing style differs from that of the guild. If you are interested please feel free to look up Tamariul, Avalynn, Ziler, Stickfinger, Brockenthal, Nebo, Piky, Valandria, Zarkoth, Cervun, Bigmomma, Cortney or Sydney. Any one of those members would be more then willing to answers and questions or help you out on a quest. Tamariul/Avalynn and Ziler are my toons ( the guild leader ). Nebo/Piky is the second in command and is always willing to run something. I hope to see you among the ranks soon!