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08-23-2009, 11:14 PM
Some of you are going to recognize this, as the same idea was posted once before by someone else, however, with the delay of Mod 9 several weeks ago, they seemed to lose their motivation, and nothing ever became of the idea. I recall quite a few people being interested in the idea, and decided that I'd try to get it off the ground and run with it. Anyone interested in joining should contact me here via PM, or leave a message in this thread. You can also contact Jeynks in game.


The goal of this guild is to provide a haven for new/returning and/or casual players. A Place where people experiencing the game for the first time can actually experience the game in all of its newness. Of course, anyone who wants to step back and play in a dungeon crawl type atmosphere is also welcome to join.

We encourage all new players to play through the Korthos experience on their own the first time to get a basic feel for the game. Players are encouraged to group outside of guild as much as they are comfortable with. In the event you find another guild that better suits your play style, you are encouraged to pursue membership into that guild. Of course, we'd love for folks to stay, but things don't always work out that way.

Questing within Asatru Explorers

Asatru will be a “Dungeon Crawl” type atmosphere. The goal here is to experience as much of the quests as possible including all optionals. Leaving people behind will not be tolerated. People who wish to solo quests while grouped will not be permitted to stay within Asatru. Of course, soloing when you're alone is acceptable and even encouraged.

I hope to have enough players very rapidly to form most groups from within the guild. In the event we need to put up an LFM for more players it will always contain,

“Dungeon Crawl, All Optionals, No Zerging”

In the event we get someone in group that doesn't respect our play style, (i.e. They run ahead or become belligerent) a reasonable effort should be made to clarify the expectations of the group. If the situation cannot be resolved the group should recall out of the quest and reform without the offender.

Quest re-entry after a death is highly discouraged. Use of all in-quest resources is permitted. (Rest and Rez Shrines). In the event of a party wipe, the quest is considered failed and should be started over.

Light to moderate role play is acceptable, if not encouraged, but certainly not required.

Outside Influences

Use of the DDO Store to advance your character more rapidly is discouraged, but not prohibited. The goal of this guild is to allow people to experience the whole game. Accelerating your experience points and/or loot can be distracting.

Players within Asatru will be expected to act in a mature fashion. Respect must be shown for your guild mates and other players at all times. This is not optional. We can certainly still have fun with each other, but excessive vulgarities, sexual harassment, and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Thus far, I haven't set up a website or forums for the guild, because 1) There's no telling whether or not we'll have enough of a following to get this off the ground and 2) While I can set up a guild website and forum, I'm almost positive someone else could do a much better job of it than I. If we have enough of a following to warrent a forum, and no one steps forward to volunteer to set that up, I'll take care of it at that time.

Mumbo Jumbo

Guidelines of the guild are subject to change as nothing is written in stone. I expect the guild to evolve from this initial plan.

If you are interested in assisting with the day to day operations of the guild, Please feel free to respond, or send me a PM here. All volunteers are welcome!

If your interested in Joining Asatru, Please respond here, or send me a forum PM.

Thanks for taking the time to read this over and I hope to see you all in Stormreach soon!

08-26-2009, 07:47 AM
Man - that's gonna make Prey on the Hunter a fun one :D. "oh man - do we have to do both dragons again?"

Just poking fun. GL with the new guild and have fun :D.


Post Script: Guild Portal is not a bad place to start if you need a website

08-26-2009, 11:47 AM
Trying to revive IFV:Explorers? I know of at least one other person trying the same thing, and I think Impaqt recently posted something at the IFV forums about starting up a guild named Knights of Blackmoore to push the idea forward. You might want to coordinate with them to make sure that the potential population is split and falls below sustainable levels.

08-26-2009, 07:55 PM
Funny enough, the other thread I posted this in, Impaqt replied to, letting me know that he had gotten with Lagin to start KoB, and thus, the few members that Asatru had picked up got absorbed into KoB :D

Yay for coordination.... I just havent edited this thread yet, and now I won't as anyone looking will see these posts.